What’s in the Box?

Amasser Dragons Box


Let’s take a look at all the components that come in the board game of Amasser Dragons.

  • 10 Dragon Cards
  • 100 Encounter Tiles
  • 10 Dragon Markers
  • 20 6-Sided Dice
  • 10 Dragon Tiles
  • 16 Terrain Tiles
  • 240 Gold Coins
  • 110 Playing Cards
  • 48 Small Markers(6 colors)
  • 6 What to Do on Your Turn Cards
  • 6 Gold Collection Cups
  • 1 Rule Book
This is how it looks packaged in the box.



10 Dragon Cards– These cards are the possible dragons you can play during the game.  They are 3×5 cards with all the important information that each dragon will need to play the game


Gold Dragon Card

White Dragon Card

Silver Dragon Card

Red Dragon Card

Blue Dragon Card

Brass Dragon Card

Bronze Dragon Card

Black Dragon Card

Green Dragon Card

Copper Dragon Card

10 Dragon Markers– These are the Dragon Standees that you will use for the dragon that you will be playing.


10 Dragon Tiles– These 5×5 tiles are matched up with the dragon card that you will play during the game.  These tiles also have all the information for the dragon.  They make up part of the playing area that the dragons will explore and amass their treasure.


Tiles_Dragons-10 Tiles_Dragons-9 Tiles_Dragons-8 Tiles_Dragons-7 Tiles_Dragons-6 Tiles_Dragons-5 Tiles_Dragons-4 Tiles_Dragons-3 Tiles_Dragons-2 Tiles_Dragons-1

16 Terrain Tiles–  There are 16 5×5 terrain tiles.  These tiles are matched up with the dragon tiles that you will chose to make up the playing surface.  There are 8 different terrain types with two tiles of each.


Tiles_Terrain-15 Tiles_Terrain-13 Tiles_Terrain-11 Tiles_Terrain-9 Tiles_Terrain-7 Tiles_Terrain-5 Tiles_Terrain-3 Tiles_Terrain-1



















100 Encounter Tiles– There are 100 encounter tiles in the game.  They vary in strength from extremely easy to very hard.  The upper left corner of the tile has the attack power of the encounter.  This represent how many dice the encounter rolls against the dragon.  The lower right corner is the value in gold that the encounter is worth when it has been defeated.



240 Gold Coins– These are the main objective of the game.  The dragon with the most gold wins.  One gold is the equivalent of 1000 gold pieces worth of loot.  This includes gold, gems, magic items and other valuables a dragon amasses in its lair.  The game includes 240 gold coins.  There are 100 1gold piece coins, 100 2gold piece coins and 40 5gold piece coins.  These are the only items in the game that will need to be punched out.


110 Playing Cards– There is a 110 card deck in the game that allows players to do a variety of things.  There are cards that can strengthen your dragon and there are cards that can hinder other dragon’s abilities (i.e. Attack Power, Speed and Carry) in additionally there are cards that have the ability to manipulate game play of your choosing.  Here are a few.

Amasser Card111 Amasser Card109 Amasser Card107 Amasser Card105 Amasser Card103 Amasser Card101 Amasser Card99 Amasser Card97 Amasser Card95 Amasser Card93 Amasser Card91 Amasser Card89 Amasser Card87 Amasser Card85 Amasser Card83 Amasser Card80 Amasser Card78 Amasser Card76 Amasser Card74 Amasser Card72 Amasser Card69 Amasser Card66 Amasser Card65 Amasser Card63 Amasser Card61 Amasser Card59 Amasser Card57 Amasser Card55 Amasser Card53 Amasser Card51 Amasser Card50 Amasser Card48 Amasser Card46 Amasser Card42 Amasser Card40 Amasser Card38 Amasser Card36 Amasser Card34 Amasser Card33 Amasser Card31 Amasser Card29 Amasser Card26 Amasser Card25 Amasser Card23 Amasser Card22 Amasser Card21 Amasser Card19 Amasser Card18 Amasser Card17 Amasser Card16 Amasser Card15 Amasser Card14 Amasser Card13 Amasser Card10 Amasser Card7 Amasser Card4 Amasser Card

20 6-Sided Dice– These dice are used to resolve combat.  In most cases you won’t need all the dice, but it’s always better to have more than you need.


48 Small Markers (six colors)– These are used to mark a large tile when an encounter is defeated.  There are six colors, but they don’t have to correspond to the color of your dragon.  There only use is for the large tile bonus that a dragon may attempt.  If a dragon defeats all the encounters of a large tile they get a 5 gold piece bonus.  This bonus goes directly into the dragons lair.  The large tile bonus only applies to tiles with four encounter spaces, therefore if more than one dragon can defeat an encounter on a large tile then these markers are removed.


6 What to Do on Your Turn Cards -These cards spell out what you can do during your turn, but most of all it gives you a simple reference to view during the game.  On the opposite side you have a breath weapon chart.


6 Gold Collection Cups– These cups will be used to store the gold you get during the game and it also acts as your lair.


1 Rule Book– This is a simple 4 page rule book for playing Amasser Dragons.

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