Amasser Dragons, A game by Shawn Wilson.

Game Design: Shawn Wilson

Graphic Design & Illustrations: Mike & Jason @ Board Game Design & Manufacturing Services 1•775•751•8989

Thanks to all the awesome play testers for their help, ideas and feedback.

Playtesters: Destiny Sharp, Corbin Sharp, Alexander Wilson, Danny Horvat, Heather Horvat, Aidan Horvat, Aria Horvat, Tamara Stanley, Lucas Berry, Gianna Craner, Kevin Craner, Gary Goon, Kim Goon and Tanner Goon.

Special Thanks: Will Wheaton and Felicia Day whose creativity and imagination have inspired so many and have made it cool to be nerdy. You both get a +5 to awesomeness. And to my Mom for birthin’ such a dorky nerd and always believing in me. I love you.