Amasser Dragons Optional Game Rules

Amasser Dragons

Optional Game Rules – House Rules

Tiles_Terrain-17House rules are a fun way to switch things up when you are playing Amasser Dragons. It gives the game a different dynamic and feel to game play. They are solely meant to add some more variations to the game and give the dragons new ways to dominate their opponents.  These haven’t been thoroughly game tested, but remember the goal is to have fun with your friends and family.  Some of these may get incorporated into later iterations of the game once they have been proven to add to an already enjoyable game.  If you have any recommended house rules that you think would be good for Amasser Dragons please send me an email.  I still suggest you play the game several times before trying to add these variant rules to the game.
*Dragon Riders – No Alignment Rule – The game release has 5 good and 5 evil dragon riders.  This house rule takes away the alignment restrictions for them. Now any dragon rider can be used by any dragon.  I have seen several times where the cards aren’t going your way and as a dragon of one alignment you always get the dragon riders of the other alignment that you can’t use.  This should alleviate that frustration.
Another option to this is that if you do match the alignments of the dragon and the dragon rider then double bonuses.  If the alignments oppose then the bonuses on the card apply.  This little option doesn’t have to be used.  Try it both ways and see what you think.


*Trophies-Every dragon loves to have trophies from their conquests to show off how dominant they are. In this rule you will collect the defeated encounter tiles instead of making a discard pile out of them.  These tiles will count as end game scoring.  Each tile is worth 1 extra gold and the dragon with the most tiles will receive a 5 extra gold bonus.  This may change some strategy to go for the encounters with less power to build up your trophies.
End of game scoring
Each encounter tile = 1 gold
Most encounter tiles = 5 gold
If you land on a tile that has you choose a discarded tile then you need to draw 5 unused encounter tiles and choose the one that you want to encounter.  During the trophies house rule there is no discarding of encounter tiles.
*Full Draw-At the beginning of your turn you draw cards until you have a total of 5. If you already have 5 cards then you will still draw 2 cards as stated in the rules and the, “What To Do On Your Turn”, cards.  By the end of your turn you will still have to get to 5 cards or less.  Some games the cards aren’t going your way.  That is the randomness of any game that has cards in it.  This will allow more cards to get into play. It will give the players more options on the best way to keep all the other dragons from getting your rightful gold and treasure.


*Creating the Land-Decide on how big of a game you will be playing. Take the large terrain tiles and dragon tiles that are selected and mix them up and place them face down on the table. The player that goes first will lay down the first tile.  The next player will turn over a tile and place it in any position that they would like as long as the edges touch.  The next player will do the same until you have run out of all the large tiles.  The placement of each tile is up to the player. Remember the edge of a large tile needs to touch the edge of another.  This will lead to some possibly unusual game playing areas.  The one thing that can’t occur is you can’t place a corner to corner.


(Picture above is a 3 player 6 tile layout)


(Picture above is a 3 player 9 tile layout)

If the earthquake card is used then the player may reposition any two tiles to any location in the playing area.  The new positioning must have the edges of the tiles touching.
Look for more optional house rules in the future and remember to have fun.