• box2
  • 110 Amasser Cards

    Amasser Cards

  • 10 Dragon Cards

    10 Dragon Cards

  • 10 Dragon Tiles

    10 Dragon Tiles

  • 100 Encounter Tiles

    100 Encounter Tiles

  • 10 Terrain Tiles

    10 Terrain Tiles

 10 Dragon Cards
 10 Dragon Markers
 10 Dragon Tiles
 16 Terrain Tiles
 100 Encounter Tiles
 240 Gold Coins
 100 1•Gold Piece Coins
 100 2•Gold Piece Coins
 40 5•Gold Piece Coins
 110 Playing Cards
 20 6•Sided Dice
 48 Small Markers (six colors)
 6 What to Do on Your Turn Cards
 6 Gold Collection Cups
 1 Rule Booklet
As a kid I always loved fantasy stories and games. Using your imagination, you could visit extraordinary worlds and encounter magical creatures.
Dragons always seemed to be the greatest challenges you would face in any game or story.
Dragons, with their magical nature, power, size and large piles of gold and treasure, would always make me want to be one.
Have you ever wondered how a dragon amasses its treasure?
Have you ever wanted to play the dragon? This is your chance to find out. Loot, pillage and hoard your treasure and be the dragon that amasses the most gold to win the game.



Fly your dragon around the map, face encounters, fight other dragons, amass the loot and above all else have fun. Once the last encounter tile is completed the game ends. The dragon with the most gold wins.

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