Amasser Dragons Card Deck – Cards That Reduce Speed

Speed can be a very important stat that gives the dragons more options during their turn. It gives them the ability to see more encounter tiles. This will allow them to pick and choose the encounters that are best suited for them to defeat and get their gold.  It also aids in getting the treasure they have amassed back to their lair so they can venture out to get even more.  There are several cards in the Amasser Dragons card deck that can reduce the speed of the dragons.  If used wisely these cards can swing the outcome of a game and keep the other dragons from gold that belongs to you. 


These Cards Can Reduce a Dragons Speed.

These Cards Can Reduce a Dragons Speed.

These cards are extremely effective on dragons that are slower. They are not as useful on those dragons that are inherently speedy or have other item cards that can increase speed.  These cards will stack against a dragon if you choose to do so.  One player can play one or more of these cards out of their hand or multiple players can play cards against a single target. 

Here are some instances and strategies when these cards would be most effective;

1.  Played against a slow dragon (a dragon with a speed of 4). This will force a dragon to choose which encounter tile to face more quickly. It prevent them from getting the best matchups for their dragons. A wand of exhaustion card (speed -1) or the dragon pox card (speed -2) will force a dragon to possibly face an encounter where the odds may not be in their favor. It may also cause them to forgo one of their encounters all together. The blizzard card (speed -3) may reduce their speed and allow them just one encounter for their turn. Anytime you can force a dragon to get less than their two encounters for the turn means they also getting less gold. Less gold for them means more possibilities for more gold for you and a victory.

2.  Reducing a dragons speed to zero. When one player uses a card that reduces speed and another player follows suit, this may cause a dragons speed to become zero. When this happens the dragon still has a turn, but they can’t move anywhere. They can still draw cards. They can still fight as long as an encounter tile or dragon is on the space they currently occupy. Once again this limits the amount of encounters a dragon will face in a turn.  This will leaves more gold for you. This strategy can also be very effective against a dragon that appears to be winning the game. Slowing a dragon down might give you the opportunity to catch up or pass your rivals.

3.  A wounded dragon. If a dragon loses an encounter or dragon vs. dragon combat they take a wound. When the wound sustained is to the speed stat then their base speed is cut by half until they can get back to their lair to heal. Depending on how much movement they have remaining you can prevent a dragon from getting back to their lair. It may even end the dragons turn.

4.  One last instance you would use a reduce speed card is when you need to burn a card. At the end of your turn your hand must have 5 or fewer cards. If you have more than 5 you must discard or play a card against another player. It is always advisable to play cards rather than discard them, otherwise you are wasting a chance to hinder another dragon’s progress.