Amasser Dragons Card Deck-Cards That Decrease Carry Capacity

Dragons Carry Capacity Overview

Carry Capacity is the amount of gold dragons can carry before returning to their lair and dropping it off.  Indicated on both the Dragon Card and the Large Dragon Tile is the carry capacity number.  This number will vary from 4-7 depending on which dragon that you are playing.  This number range does not take into account item or dragon rider cards that can increase the carry of a dragon.  A high carry capacity can be very important.  It will allow you to take all the gold from some of the more difficult encounters in the game.


Brass Dragon Card

Cards That Decrease Carry Capacity

While there are several ways to increase the carry of a dragon, there are a few cards that can decrease it as well. These cards, if used properly, can limit a dragon and cause a player to alter their strategy.  The two types of cards are the Grimoire of Clumsiness and the Scroll of Weakness as seen below.

Amasser Card61 Amasser Card59



When is the best time to play these cards?

The first way is if you have more than 5 cards in your hand at the end of your turn. You will either need to use a card or discard it.  It is always better to use a card against another player than to discard it and waist a chance to hinder another player.  When played in this fashion, the card will remain with that player until the end of their turn.


The second way is if a dragon doesn’t have a very high carry capacity. If you play this at the beginning of the players turn, they may have to alter their plans.  It will cause them to reevaluate possible encounters if they can’t carry all the gold.  It may also cause them to use other cards in their hand, such as a wagon card, to overcome this setback.


The third way is if a dragon has completed an encounter and is carrying the max amount of gold. When played against a dragon under these conditions, the dragon must drop the gold that it can’t carry.  This gold is dropped at the encounter location that the card is played.  If the dragon has enough speed it can return to its lair, drop off the gold and head back to pick up what was left behind.  This can also cause a dragon burn some or all of its movement.  If the dragon chooses or is unable to get back to the gold left behind, then another dragon can swoop in and snag it on their turn if they desire.


The cards that reduce the carry capacity can be stacked. They may also be played by multiple players.  When one player uses it against a dragon then another player may see opportunity to further hinder an opponent.

Ways to Circumvent These Cards.

Dragons with a high speed attribute can negate this disability. They can take what gold they can carry back to their lair and go back and pick the gold they left behind.

If you have one or more of these cards played against you then you may choose to use either the Wagon or Necklace of Shrinking.  These cards will aid your attempt to get all your treasure back to your lair.

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